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Wind Farm Threatens Important Raptor Flyway in East Africa’s Rift Valley

Critically endangered vultures and other migratory raptors are under increasing threat due to poorly placed wind farms erected along Africa’s Rift Valley flyway.

Vultures, Too, Are Dying From Masai Mara Poison Attack

Two days ago eight members of the famous Marsh Pride of lions were poisoned inside the Masai Mara National Reserve. Also poisoned were at least six White-backed and Rüppell’s vultures, though this will never make the headlines.

Huge, Rare Vultures Make Impressive Flying Journeys

Traveling 125 miles by your own power might take a human a week a more to complete. For Ruppell’s vultures, with an 8-ft wingspan, it’s a mere day trip.

Africa’s Silent Spring Is Upon Us

Can Africa’s ecosystems survive the toxic effects of wildlife poisoning?

1,500 Poisoned Vultures Since May, Vultures Now Targeted for Their Heads

This year has seen a dramatic increase in vulture poisonings particularly in southern Africa. At current levels many species of African vulture will become extinct within our lifetimes.

Nature’s Bald and Hairless Animals

Some animals—like bald-headed monkeys and skinny pigs—are naturally nude creatures, while others lose their hair due to disease.

5 Animals With Stinky Defenses

Vomiting vultures and birds that smell like cow manure are just a few of the animals that use odors to keep predators at bay.

Elephant Poachers Poison Hundreds of Vultures to Evade Authorities

Poachers lace the discarded elephant carcass with cheap poisons to kill vultures in mass. Why? Because vultures circling in the sky alert wildlife authorities to the location of poachers’ activities.

On the Slow Train to Find Vultures in Northern Kenya

My 1985 Toyota Landcruiser can’t swim. So when the mud-coloured lake that was once a road started pouring through my doors I knew it was time to get the heck outta there.

What Do You Need to Trap a Vulture?

There are two things I need while trapping vultures, good company and chocolate. Fortunately, I managed the first one, but unfortunately for my trapping partner I overlooked the second. The media’s portrayal of the work of wildlife biologists is unapologetically deceptive. The exciting moments of the capture and handling of a live, often furry, creature…

October 28, 2012: Love in the Northwest Passage, Giant Predators in Prehistoric Australia, and More

This week on National Geographic Weekend, join host Boyd Matson as we sail a wooden yacht through the frozen Northwest Passage, dine with vultures in Turkey, discover life in an undersea desert in Gabon, remember the 18 fallen tigers in last year’s Zanesville, Ohio tragedy, dodge tree crocodiles and carnivorous kangaroos in prehistoric Australia, feed some birds and try not to get killed, paddle down Alaska’s Tanana River, and save macaws by making traditional headdresses (with synthetic feathers).

Turkey Celebrates World Vulture Day by Satellite-tracking Its First Egyptian Vultures

The migration of globally endangered Egyptian vultures is under high-tech surveillance Eastern Turkey environmental organization KuzeyDoga celebrated September 1 International Vulture Awareness Day at Turkey’s first vulture restaurant in Igdir with another first for Turkey’s vultures.  first vulture restaurantOn August 17,  we started satellite-tracking globally endangered Egyptian vultures for the first time in Turkey, in collaboration with Turkey’s Ministry of Forestry…

Vultures and Eagles Poisoned in Masai Mara

Nairobi, Kenya – WildlifeDirect reports that 25 vultures and 2 eagles have been poisoned with an agricultural pesticide suspected to be either Furadan (a carbofuran) or Marshall (a carbosulfate), both manufactured by the American agrochemical company FMC. The 25 Ruppells Griffon, White Backed, and Hooded vultures, a Tawny eagle, and a Bateleur eagle were discovered…

Rare Asian Vultures Rescued After Being Poisoned

Wildlife Conservation Society conservationist Angela Yang holds a rare-white rumped vulture, one of two birds that survived a poisoning incident in Cambodia’s Stung Treng province. Photo by Allan Michaud/Courtesy WCS A small victory in a region where vultures of several species in Asia have become endangered was the saving of this critically endangered white-rumped vulture…

Too Late to Save South Asia’s Vultures From Extinction?

A program to save South Asia’s wild vultures from extinction by breeding captive populations may be an exercise in futility, according to research released today. Captive colonies are too small to protect the species from extinction, University of Michigan scientists have determined. Vultures once numbered tens of millions in India, Nepal, and Pakistan, where they…