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This walrus blog contains plastic

I’m in the high Arctic, far north of Norway at around 78º N latitude in a group of islands known collectively as Svalbard. For a few days I’m a guest on the Greenpeace ship Arctic Sunrise while we do a little investigating into the arrival of fishing ships into these waters as the ocean warms…

Surprising Animals That Sport Mustaches

Jumping spiders, emperor tamarins, and walruses are among nature’s creatures that sport staches.

December 15, 2013: Paddling Through The World’s Biggest Rapids, Swimming in the World’s Coldest Oceans and More

This week, on National Geographic Weekend, host Boyd Matson joins guests as they paddle the world’s biggest rapids, dive in the world’s coldest oceans (at both poles), and walk “Out of Eden,” chasing our early human ancestors to the ends of the Earth.

The Heat Is On: Which Animals Will Win or Lose in Climate Change?

As winters warm due to climate change, some animals are doing worse, while some are doing better.

Franz Josef Land Expedition: Oh Give Me a Home, Where the Walruses Roam

National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence Enric Sala is setting off to explore Franz Josef Land, one of the most remote archipelagos in the world, only 900 km from the North Pole. Home to polar bears, whales, seals and more, the team will investigate how global warming may be affecting this crucial ecosystem in ways we still do not fully comprehend.  Follow his adventures…

Franz Josef Land Expedition: Walruses in the Mist

The National Geographic media team makes a new friend—a young walrus tags along as the team explores the archipelago.

Best and Worst Animal Mothers

Best and Worst? Mother’s Day is generally reserved for honoring our mothers, wives, and even grandmothers. But since we are National Geographic, why not take some time to honor animal mothers who excel at raising their young? And while we’re at it, why not point out other animal mothers who could use some coaching to do…

Walrus Dance

Do the Walrus.  It may just be the next big dance craze.  Before you rush to judgment and think I’m just making this up you might want to check out some of their booty-shaking moves.  As you might expect when anything as big as a walrus starts rockin’ and rollin’ you can’t take your eyes…