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Best Job Ever: Hunting for the Bones of a Loch Ness-Like Monster

Aubrey Jane Roberts is a National Geographic Young Explorers grantee and a professional dinosaur hunter (aka paleontologist).

Would You Walk Into a Room With Millions of Bees?

Explorer and National Geographic grantee Chris Bashinelli visited rural Uganda to do a cultural exchange with small-scale farmers. He decided to face his fear of bees by going right into an apiary filled with venomous bees.

Views of Sarajevo From Young Explorers

National Geographic Young Explorers Grantees Cara Eckholm and Amanda Rivkin have been on the ground in Sarajevo this month. They’re pursing the story of the new urban landscape in Sarajevo, delving into the triumphs and tensions of a city that not long ago was ravaged by war. Through interviews with Sarajevo’s citizens Cara and Amanda are…

How Coloring Books & Playing Cards Can Help Save Rare Speicies

As part of a nine-person biodiversity and education expedition to the island nation of São Tomé and Príncipe, Young Explorer Rayna Bell is searching for elusive treefrogs at night and spreading knowledge about local biodiversity during the day.

Chimps Opt for Takeout as “Grab-and-Go” Fruit Comes into Season

Nowadays we don’t stop much to eat, balancing coffee in the car, scarfing a sandwich on the subway and grabbing a pretzel on the street as we race around town. For the month of April, the chimps have adopted our busy lifestyle thanks to the availability of their very own grab-n-go food, budyenkende.

Inside Look at “Giant Boa Eats Iguana” Video

Recently, our video editors here at NG came across some footage that was flagged for viewing. Submitted by National Geographic Explorer and capuchin monkey specialist Susan Perry, we expected the video to be of monkeys doing something intriguing or goofy. We were completely wrong. Susan, a UCLA professor currently based in Bagaces, Costa Rica studying the…

Racing Against the Clock to Document Biodiversity in Africa’s Eden

With the recent discovery of offshore oil, São Toméans will soon face the challenge of reconciling rapid economic development with preserving their natural heritage. The problem is that no one knows how many species occupy the islands or how irreplaceable that diversity might be.