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Help National Geographic Give on #GivingTuesday

This #GivingTuesday, explore the ways we give around the world and the stories we bring back, and help us keep up National Geographic’s legacy of protecting wildlife, wild landscapes, and human cultures around the world.

The Bitter And The Sweet: Finding Opportunity in the Life Cycle of Erosion

Young Explorer Alizé Carrère searches for a silver lining in what might otherwise be a tale of irreversible hardship.

Lionfish: Gotta Eat ‘Em to Beat ‘Em

Big problems call for big solutions, and there has been a lot of talk recently about how to address the big problem of invasive lionfish in the Atlantic, Caribbean, and Gulf of Mexico. The answer is simple. Eat them.

High Rise Threatens Integrity of Ninth Ward Community

After Hurricane Katrina, the population of the New Orleans Ninth Ward was cut in half. The city wants to build a high rise to bring traffic back to the community. But residents oppose a superstructure in their backyard.

Return to the Eighth Continent

Young Explorer Cara Brook is in Madagascar studying the impact of human land development on biodiversity and how it could potentially spread infectious diseases that are transmitted from animals to people…diseases like the bubonic plague.

In Cradle of Civilization, Shrinking Rivers Endanger Unique Marsh Arab Culture

NG Young Explorer Julia Harte documents the culture of the Marsh Arabs of Southern Iraq through text and photos, as well as a video shot and edited by team member Anna Ozbek.

Missing Sloths, Modern Pollution, and the Fate of the Joshua Tree

While a massive blossoming transforms one of the most unusual environments on Earth, take a closer look at how the Joshua Tree landscape formed, and how it’s changing as a result of pollution and increased wildfires.

Drought and Dams in Biblical Garden of Eden

NG Young Explorer Julia Harte begins her expedition northward along the Tigris River, where she will examine the impacts of Turkey’s Ilısu Dam, with initial glimpses at water issues in Southern Iraq and an introduction to the heated controversy surround the dam.

Spring Means Crawfish Boils in Louisiana

Though farming has provided year-round crawfish, Louisianans abide by spring traditions.

Adaptability 1–Detailed Itinerary 0

Abandoning the detailed itinerary she went in with, a young researcher learns to adapt to local conditions as she interviews traditional Guatemalan fishermen.

Suburbs to Shantytowns: 1,000-Mile Trek Down Baja Mexico

A breathtaking, albeit often overlooked extension of the California coastline, filmmaker and Young Explorer Justin DeShields will conduct a 1,000-mile transect of the Baja Peninsula, intimately documenting the beautiful expanses of waterfront between major cities.

Seven Friends, Two Days, and One Beautiful Trail-less Valley

After six hours of bushwhacking up a trail-less mountain side, Marty and Ross come upon a breathtaking sight- the Northern Patagonian Ice Field.

True or False? 10 Mardi Gras Questions Answered

Not sure what to expect at Mardi Gras, from throws to parade etiquette to dress? Your Mardi Gras questions are answered here.

Cloud-watching in Patagonia

A peek into the clouds of Aysén.

A First Look at the Daily Life of an Atitlan Fisherman

Follow along as Young Explorer Grantee Sarah Calhoun discovers the rhythms of live among traditional fishermen, hoping to use their knowledge to better monitor and protect their beautiful natural environment.