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Mardi Gras Goes to the Dogs

Barkus is the best-known New Orleans Mardi Paws celebration.

2.5 Days in 3rd Gear: Our Journey Down La Carretera Austral

Young Explorers Marty and Ross have arrived at the Future Patagonia National Park- track their progress via their LIVE interactive map as the push through the wilderness!

Bonfires Light the Way for Papa Noel in Louisiana

Many kids wonder how Santa will find their house, but in Cajun country children know Papa Noel will find them.

Seven Years After the Storm, Katrina Tours Cause Controversy

While some residents accept these bus tours as part of the city’s new normal, others feel they exploit the disaster without giving back.

Journey to Vanishing Tropical Glaciers

National Geographic Explorer Neil Losin and his colleague Nate Dappen are planning an expedition to Africa’s Rwenzori Mountains, one of the few places on Earth where glaciers can be found on the equator – and you can help them make their expedition happen!

It’s All French to Me: The Woes of Matching New Orleans Maps to Spoken Directions

With French names and sometimes bizarre pronunciations, navigating the New Orleans Ninth Ward can be a little confusing to an outsider.

New Orleans Keeps the Faith in their Saints

Through losing streaks, Hurricane Katrina and a Super Bowl win, Saints fans always keep the faith.

“The Symbol” Part 4: Our Lizard Saga Comes to an End

At the end of their Spanish lizard-photographing expedition Neil Losin and Nate Dappen stumble on lizards of such a variety of color that it blows the biologists’ minds.

An Inside View Of Hurricane Isaac

Young Explorers Grantee Caroline Gerdes has been working in South Louisiana for her Ninth Ward Oral History Project. A Louisiana native, Gerdes explained that weathering Hurricane Isaac, and other hurricanes, is part of coastal life.

Understanding The Katrina “X”

With the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina at the end of the month, it is important to acknowledge the meaning behind the spray-painted markings which still remain.

Latest Adventures of Taking the Earth’s Temperature

After several weeks of lowering thermometers down wells in Northern Peru, the team takes a break and gets ready to analyze data from hundreds of sites in order to create the first geothermal map of the area.

Inside New Orleans’ Vampires and Voodoo

Growing up in Louisiana, you are surrounded by commercialized Voodoo and Vampirism, but beyond the campy souvenirs these cultures also have very real followings.

More Stories From Former Whalers in the Azores

Gemina Garland-Lewis continues her work as a National Geographic Young Explorer, recording the stories of five more whalers in the Azores this week.

“The Symbol” Part 3: Island of Mystery

In the Spanish Mediterranean islands of Ibiza and Formentera to create a book about the endemic Ibiza Wall Lizard, Neil Losin and Nate Dappan get the rare opportunity to summit a legendary island two miles off shore.

Living Memory of “Moby-Dick” Style Whaling Alive in the Azores

Gemina Garland-Lewis starts her field work as a National Geographic Young Explorer recording the stories of old whalers and the now extinct whaling culture in the Azores.