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Interactive Map: Untamed Patagonia

In the heart of Patagonia, the legendary land of wildness, fierce winds, and hardy gauchos, a new national park is underway. Based in a tent at the bottom of the earth, cartographers Marty Schnure and Ross Donihue set out to create maps that bring the place and its mission to life.

Wild Cats in San Francisco’s Backyard

Every year at BioBlitz, National Geographic and the U.S. National Park Service rally to get people young and old to explore the wild spaces around them during a whirlwind 24-hour search to identify every species they can find. In advance of our next event in Golden Gate National Recreation Area, March 28-29, 2014, we’re already…

10 Steps to Finding Paradise

How to get to paradise like we did in just ten simple steps.

4th Graders Build Their Own Traditional Reed Boats (and Paddle Them Too!)

Young Explorer Will Meadows is building traditional canoes throughout the world’s ecosystems and indigenous communities, using the vessel as a lens into culture, identity, art, environment, and innovation. —- Plunged into canoe-building cultures throughout many of Earth’s treasured places, I had the chance over the last year on a Watson Fellowship to learn from indigenous…

Revolutionary Appeal & Reminders From Decades of War

Who was Nino Konis Santana?

Nome Sweet Home: Finding a Place to Live in Nome, Alaska

Our lodgings in Nome has a rich history… but no heat.

New Orleans St. Joseph’s Day and its Magic Beans

Many of you know the story of St. Patrick’s Day and the shamrock, but what about St. Joseph’s and the fava bean?

Star trails from 47˚S, 72˚W

The night sky in Patagonia is breathtaking — there is no light pollution, and on a clear night with a new moon the sky flickers with stars. Long exposure photographs show us how the Earth spins relative to the stars.

The Little Fish That Could

A tiny fish in Lake Victoria is under a huge threat from overfishing and invasive species. NG Young Explorer Diana Sharpe describes her work to understand and protect the “mukene.”

NG Young Explorers’ Spirit Bear Film Wins Award

The winning film by Trip Jennings and Andy Maser follows photographers as they search for the legendary “spirit bear”–a black bear with white fur–to draw attention to the beauty of the Great Bear Rainforest, which is endangered by plans to make this area the main Pacific port for oil from Canada’s tar sands.

Skin Diver Tells His Full Story, 40 Years Later

By Clare Fieseler, NGS Young Explorer Grantee His back muscles are taut. Poised, and with perfect buoyancy, Villamar Godfrey is pictured yanking a 30-pound jewfish from a spectacular colony of elkhorn coral.  Godfrey, now 77,  stares at a grainy scanned image of page 127 from National Geographic’s January 1972 issue.  “His name was Mike Long.…

Young Explorers Savor Obscure Festivals

Some of the freshest faces at National Geographic are here at headquarters this weekend for a Young Explorers Grant workshop. Last night, NG Live hosted an event titled “Exploration: The Next Generation” with four up-and-coming Society grantees: Katherine Amato, a biologist studying howler monkeys in Mexico’s tropical forest; Pat Walters, a journalist who’s documented the…