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One Big Fish Is Making News, but There Are Many More Out There

The Internet is buzzing about one big fish, but many more monster fish are on their way to the National Geographic Museum.

Google Science Fair Winners Inspire!

From innovation in magnets to a new anti-flu medicine, this year’s exhibitors show how students are rising to the challenge of finding ways to change the world.

Celebrate the Brightest Young Minds in the World

The 2013 Google Science Fair finals are upon us! See what kids these days are really getting up to.

Bull Shark Catch in Maryland Highlights Nearness of Species to Shore

They’re baaaaack! Not that they were ever gone; they’ve just kept a low profile. Two eight-foot, 220-pound bull sharks were caught in Maryland near Point Lookout, where the Chesapeake Bay and Potomac River meet. And, very close to where I’ve spent my summers growing up, sandy-footed and slightly sunburned, thinking that jellyfish were my biggest…

How I Fell in Love With Monster Fish (and Why You Should Too)

It was an unlikely relationship. I grew up in central Arizona, one of the driest places in the United States. My parents are economists. My two brothers went into finance. Catfish aren’t the cutest or most loveable creatures. Even so, by the time I made it halfway around the world to see my first one,…

June 16, 2013: Underwater Cave Diving, Seeking a Man-Eating Catfish, and More

As National Geographic’s annual Explorer’s Symposium came to an end, NG Weekend revisits some of our favorite adventures from the previous classes of Emerging Explorers. In the coming weeks and months, we will introduce the 2013 class of Emerging Explorers on the show. Here are some of our favorites from over the years…

Three Megafish Species Imperiled by Lao’s Mekong River Dam

On November 7, 2012, the government of Lao PDR held an official groundbreaking ceremony for the Xayaburi dam, the first mainstream dam on the Lower Mekong River. The Xayaburi dam, the first of eleven dams planned for the mainstream of the lower Mekong River, will likely reduce ecosystem service values and undercut livelihoods of people…

Monster Catfish Found: NG’s Zeb Hogan Explains

The recent capture of North America’s largest recorded Blue catfish–in Virgina in late June–has us thinking about this oversized species and its relatives (like the bagrid catfish seen here). We asked fish expert and National Geographic Fellow Zeb Hogan to put this giant discovery into perspective.

Why damming the world’s most productive river could have serious negative consequences

No one knows more about the giant freshwater fish of the Mekong and the world’s other big rivers than Zen Hogan, an aquatic ecologist and National Geographic Emerging Explorer. Hogan has been featured in dozens of National Geographic stories on the web and on television as a champion of megafishes. In this blog post Hogan comments on…

Hooked on Sawfish: Zeb Hogan

National Geographic Emerging Explorer, aquatic ecologist, and megafish-finder Zeb Hogan travels to lakes and rivers the world over to document and protect the planet’s largest freshwater fish. Tonight, the National Geographic Channel premieres a new episode of Hooked that follows Zeb into the Australian outback in search of one of the most critically endangered—and peculiar-looking—fish…

‘Monster’ Stingray the Largest Ever Landed?

Biologist, conservationist, and National Geographic Emerging Explorer Zeb Hogan heads to Thailand and lands a giant freshwater stingray, possibly the largest ever caught. See the fish and follow the adventure tonight on the National Geographic Channel.

Hooked on Vampire Fish

Megafish-finder and National Geographic Emerging Explorer Zeb Hogan was fired up when I spoke with him at the Explorers Symposium about a new Nat Geo Channel show called Hooked. The series chronicles the quest for some of the world’s most enormous, extraordinary, and downright bizarre fish. Hooked premieres in the United States at 10 et/pt…