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New York’s Bronx Zoo Has a Baby Boom

It’s a spring-time baby boom for many animals, including those in zoos. New York’s Bronx Zoo’s Julie Larsen Maher sent these photos of some of the zoo’s recent arrivals.


WCS photo by Julie Larsen Maher

In time for Mother’s Day, the Bronx Zoo in New York released these photos of a giraffe calf, named Margaret Abigail, and other baby animals.

“We are pleased to be debuting several notable baby animals, making the Bronx Zoo a very special place to visit this spring,” said Zoo Director Jim Breheny. “Our zoo visitors can expect a few more baby births in the coming weeks.”

The new giraffe can be seen at the zoo’s African Plains exhibit, where she lives in a herd of five other females, and one male. The calf’s parents are a young adult cow, Margaret Sukari, and an adult bull named James Michael.


WCS photo by Julie Larsen Maher

The African Plains exhibit at the Bronx Zoo replicates the giraffe’s grass and woodlands habitat in Africa’s savanna.

Margaret Abigail’s birth is the result of the Wildlife Conservation Society’s (WCS) breeding program. The conservation charity operates the Bronx Zoo and is is helping to protect giraffes by saving some of their habitats in Africa’s wilderness areas. “WCS is working with giraffe population in many sub-Saharan countries, determining which measures will best halt the population decline of this unique animal,” said a statement released with these pictures.



WCS photo by Julie Larsen Maher

Also new at the Bronx Zoo is the Argus pheasant chick in the picture above. It is already three months old, but it will be a few more weeks before the plumage will show if the bird is male or female, the zoo said.


WCS photo by Julie Larsen Maher

Adding to the “baby boom” at the zoo is this pancake tortoise hatchling.