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Three Green Things to Look For In Tonight’s State of the Union

President Obama gives his first State of the Union address tonight, and considering the greener parts of his agenda, we’re expecting to hear about:

  1. Green Jobs: Since Obama’s speech is widely reported to be focused on creating jobs, look for some of those jobs to be green.  Jobs in green energy, one of the president’s major agenda items, and the potential “cash for caulkers” program (to increase home energy efficiency) are some examples.  (Related: “Green Jobs Serve Many Ends”)
  2. High-speed Rail: Closely related to the jobs issue will be the announcement of an $8 billion, multi-state, high-speed rail program after the State of the Union address (although it might get a shout-out then too).  The funds are supposed to come from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.  Jobs will be created, people will get where they’re going faster and greener–everybody’s happy.
  3. Climate Legislation:  While the House has passed a climate bill, the Senate version has stalled.  Obama could give an update on its status, prod his fellow Democrats–or just mention it as something that will get done eventually. (Related: “Copenhagen Climate Conference: What You Need to Know”)

–James Robertson



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