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Clothing in harmony with nature (VIDEO)

Clothing has been invented that plays music when touched, giving whole new meaning to being in tune with fashion. Watch the video below.


The musical textile was developed by Jeannine Han, who is in the second year of her master’s program in textiles and fashion design at the Swedish School of Textiles in Borås, Sweden, working together with technician Dan Riley.

Photo courtesy of University of Borås

“The outfit is made of material with integrated sensors that react when someone comes close or touches it,” Riley said in a Borås University news statement.

“Han feels that the aesthetic aspect is important and has put a great deal of effort into developing the pattern. She has also received assistance from the Gothenburg Strap Factory Museum in producing the straps for the outfit. The project is called textile design for a nomad,’” the university said.

Textile Design For A Nomad from Umlaut Brikauski on Vimeo.

“The outfit is for a traveling nomad who wishes to communicate with other nomads, so the sound is inspired by nature,” Jeanine Han explained.

“The sound is like a harp. The next step for us will be to find a way to control the music better,” Riley said.

For her master’s degree project, Han, in collaboration with Riley, will start a band where one or more of the band members will wear the outfit “and thus play themselves,” the university added.

“We also want to develop the technology to make it easy to produce the clothing in the future,” Han said.

Is this something we can use? What will parties be like when everyone’s clothing is giving off vibes?