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Cousteau’s Granddaughter Gives Water a Voice

Alexandra Cousteau, Jacques’ granddaughter, and a National Geographic Emerging Explorer, can be found these days crisscrossing the country in a biodiesel-fueled bus decorated with decals and logos about water.

Not the ocean water her grandfather so brilliantly explored with his camera, but the kind that flows out of our taps at home and fills the lakes and rivers we may laze around this summer.

Photo courtesy of Blue Legacy


Alexandra’s Blue Planet Expedition tour will take her from D.C. to L.A., the St. Lawrence Seaway in Canada to the Colorado River Delta in Mexico. Supported by a film crew, photographer, and writers, the expedition aims to document freshwater stories–from the water recycling efforts at Twin’s Target Field in Minneapolis to the plight of fishermen and ecosystems in Louisiana.

Covering 14,500 miles over five months, the expedition will link up with local residents, school children, and environmental non-profits, as well as celebrities. Singer Melissa Etheridge will be helping to promote the expedition from several shows on her current tour.

“We want people to feel involved, we want people to follow along with us and to share these stories with their friends and their families and start to think about what they can do in their own communities to be part of the solution,” Cousteau told local press in Minnesota.

The bus left the station on June 30 and the tour wraps up November 12.

National Geographic is the primary media sponsor, so stay tuned for in-the-field coverage and news related to Blue Planet events and destinations.

Lean more about Cousteau’s efforts on her site as well.

For more on water and how to dry out your own water footprint, visit National Geographic’s freshwater website.


Tasha Eichenseher is the Environment Producer and Editor for National Geographic Digital Media. She has covered water issues for a wide range of media outlets, including E,The Environmental Magazine, Environmental Science & Technology online news, Greenwire, Green Guide, and National Geographic News.

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