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Gulf Seafood With a Side of Oil Dispersant?

By Tasha Eichenseher

Crabbing, shrimping, and fishing along sections of the oil-tarnished Gulf Coast were re-opened last week.

The media buzz is about whether the seafood coming out of the Gulf is safe to consume, but you’d never know there were health concerns when you sit down to eat with the locals.

“This is the safest seafood in the world. It’s like flying after 9-11,” remarked the Lafourche Parish President’s husband over dinner with Expedition Blue Planet last Friday night. His reasoning: The catch coming into shore here is probably more thoroughly tested than anything being imported into the state.

The questions are tested for what, and is that testing adequate?


Photograph by Ali Sanderson/Expedition Blue Planet

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Coverage of Expedition Blue Planet is part of a special National Geographic News series on the global water crisis.