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C40 Talks Cities with AOL Energy

C40 Director Mike Marinello stopped by the AOL Energy studios for a three-part discussion about urban energy and related issues with Peter Gardett, Managing Editor of AOL Energy and Andrew Kinross, Director at Navigant Consulting.

In the first of three sessions, the panelists discuss the top few issues urban areas should plan for as they face increased strains on infrastructure and energy sources. As Marinello points out, there is not a “one size fits all solution for any city,” but cities facing similar issues can learn from each other via the “network effect” as they do in the C40.

Watch the first installment above, or read more at AOL Energy.

In the second installment, Marinello, Gardett and Kinross began to explore the information generated by a “smart city.”

Increasingly, cities are implementing technologies to streamline their infrastructure and planning systems to make them function more intelligently. From there, the panelists emphasized, cities can use data from these systems to evaluate and make them even more efficient. What’s more, Marinello pointed out, sharing data between cities – which is done in the C40 – can allow cities “to compare themselves with other cities, and then use that data to seek collaboration and conversation about how to do things better,” creating positive feedback and collective global impact in addressing climate change.

Watch the second installment above, or read more at AOL Energy.

In the final installment of the series, the discussion was on the implications of the upcoming elections in the United States for energy and urban policy.

Cities, Marinello said, are where officials should look for solutions that are working right now. He encouraged elected leaders to see what could be done to either support cities’ success or remove barriers that make it difficult for cities to innovate.

To see the full exchanges, check out the videos above, or visit AOL Energy to read more.