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Saving Cheetahs & Leopards in Namibia

Namibia has more cheetahs than any other country in the world, but even here these speedy creatures are in a race for their lives. I visited Naankuse, a wildlife rescue center in Namibia that is trying to save the cheetah and other iconic African animals. Cheetahs who will let you scratch their back, a caracal cat that can leap 12 feet in the air, and leopards and wild dogs that escaped a death sentence. These are some of the animals Marlice van Vuuren introduces us to at her Naankuse Wildlife Sanctuary in Namibia. The animals here arrived orphaned or injured and Naankuse’s goal is to return as many as possible to the wild. Those that can’t be released are used for educational purposes. This is part of an interview I did with Marlice for National Geographic Weekend


  1. mattie
    November 20, 2012, 7:21 pm

    I have just watched this wonderful video about animal conservation in Namibia with great joy. I had the privilege of being on military duty in Windhoek, autumn 89 – Jan 90, for their independence vote. Whilst there I had the absolute privilege to be in the presence of and place my hand on a cheetah’s back – truly nature’s fastest animal on land, and yet I knew my place – giving respect without treading upon the natural environment of all, whose established reason to be on this earth is equally important to human beings.