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Pygmy Mole Crickets: Freshwater Species of the Week

Last week, research published in the journal Current Biology revealed details of the only animal known to be able to jump off the surface of water.freshwater species of the week

Small insects called pygmy mole crickets use tiny prongs and paddles on their legs to propel themselves off the surface of water, up to 18 times the height of their bodies.

Video of the pygmy mole cricket’s leap is above.

The researcher who discovered this behavior, Malcolm Burrows, was eating his lunch beside a pond in South Africa when he noticed the startling leaps.



  1. Ima Ryma
    December 11, 2012, 2:17 am

    Pygmy mole crickets – now the buzz
    About the human check this out.
    The humans are excited cuz
    We bugs jump from water – no doubt!
    This Burrows dude, an at lunch prof,
    Saw and heard at a pond a bunch
    Of us hopping from water off.
    He grabbed us. (We thought we were lunch.)
    But he took us back to his lab
    And made us stars in a movie,
    Showing our back legs can grab
    A ball of water and then spring free.

    We have water jumped eons so,
    But humans just got the memo.