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Where the Wild Things Shouldn’t Be: Roads

I’ve written some about roadkill over the years. (Yes, I know someone who collects fresh roadkill and prepares it for her family, but that’s not what I mean.)

Unfortunately, for many people, the only interaction they have with wildlife is seeing it belly up on the side of the pavement. Roadkill is a tragic loss of life, and it can endanger people and property.

The problem is made worse by our ever expanding population and development, and the fact that many roads trend east to west, while animal migrations tend to head north to south.

Fortunately, there are some solutions that do work (I’ve heard mixed reviews on deer whistles and reflector systems). Smartly placed fences and over and under-passes can allow migrating animals to avoid traffic.

This infographic from Veterinarytechnicianschools.com also makes some interesting points:

Where the Wild Things Shouldn't Be
Courtesy of: Veterinarytechnicianschools.com

What do you think the public should do to reduce roadkill?


  1. Ima Ryma
    January 17, 2013, 5:11 am

    Thanks to computerized hi tech,
    Smarter vehicles will be made,
    To know if there may be a wreck
    With an animal that’s displayed
    As being in same time and space
    As the vehicle on the road.
    The vehicle can interface,
    So a collision will not bode.
    Smarter animals by instinct,
    Will learn how to more safely pass
    On roads where human speeds are linked.
    Humans just get dumber – alas!

    Smart vehicles and critters will
    Be more helpful for less roadkill.