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Top 10 Headlines Today: Bedbug Remedy, Official Beer Microbe…


The top 10 stories on our radar today.
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  1. Leaves Trap Bedbugs

    Scientists try to recreate a natural Eastern European technique to stop bedbugs in their tracks. National Geographic Phenomena

  2. Oregon’s Official Beer Microbe

    “The microbe in question, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, plays a key role in the state’s economy. Without it, sugar would not become alcohol, and Oregon would not have a craft beer industry worth $2.4 billion.” NPR

  3. Broad-Faced Men Better At Baseball

    “A wide face may be a boon on the baseball field, according to a new study of Japanese players that links facial width to the number of home runs hit.” Live Science

  4. 4D Printing

    “We are looking at the ability to program physical and biological materials to change shape, change properties and even compute outside of silicon-based matter.” The Guardian

  5. Alaska Slashes Oil Industry Taxes

    “Facing a decline in oil production that threatens the state’s pipeline network, Alaska hopes a $1 billion-a-year tax break will boost the industry.”
    National Geographic

  6. Stopped When Stretched

    A new material changes texture and opacity when flexed, halting runny liquids in their tracks. BBC News

  7. Nazca Lines Damaged By Mining

    “Serious damage to elements of the outer boundary of the world famous Nazca lines has been caused by heavy machinery belonging to a quarry firm removing limestone from the area.” Archeological News

  8. Apollo 10’s Floating Feces

    Astronaut transcripts reveal details behind the mission’s bathroom mishap. NBC News

  9. The Evil in Our Genes

    Researchers to study Newtown shooter’s DNA to see if they can find a genetic basis for his actions. The Telegraph

  10. Kitten Contortionist

    Video: A kitten sleeps on its head. BuzzFeed
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