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Whale Attack Video, Space Debris Issue, More…Today’s Top 10 Headlines


The top 10 news stories on our radar today.
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  1. Watch: Rare Footage Shows Whale Attack

    In what’s being called “a world first,” underwater footage captures orcas attacking a pod of sperm whales. Vimeo


  2. “Urgent Need” To Remove Space Debris

    “There is now so much debris in orbit that the space environment is close to a cascade of collisions that would make space extremely hazardous.” BBC


  3. Earth’s Center Is 1,000° Hotter Than We Thought

    A new report suggests “the temperature difference between the solid core and the mantle above, must be at least 1500 degrees to explain why the Earth has a magnetic field.” Phys.Org


  4. U.S. To Drop Gray Wolves From Endangered List

    “The planned ruling would eliminate protection for the top predators, but scientists and conservationists say the proposal is flawed.”
    Los Angeles Times


  5. New Evidence for Maya Origins

    “Archaeologists find evidence that refutes current theories on the origins of the Maya.” National Geographic


  6. Humans Reached the Americas Earlier Than Thought?

    “A team claims to have found 22,000-year-old stone tools at a site in Brazil, though other archaeologists are disputing the claim.” New Scientist


  7. Fugitive African Warlord, Kony, in Safe Haven

    “A report by a watchdog group says the fugitive African warlord Joseph Kony recently found safe haven in territory controlled by Sudan and that Kony benefits from Sudanese military support.” Fox


  8. What If We Never Run Out of Oil?

    “New technology and a little-known energy source suggest that fossil fuels may not be finite. This would be a miracle—and a nightmare.” The Atlantic


  9. Ancient Cemetery Found Under Sea of Galilee?

    “Archaeologists are studying evidence of a 60,000-ton stone structure at the bottom of the Sea of Galilee in Israel that could denote an ancient
    burial ground.” Time


  10. 6 Animals That Can Dance

    “From honeybees to cockatoos, the animal kingdom is filled with creatures that like to get down.” The Week

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