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Top 10 Headlines Today: Moth Has Best Hearing, Mysterious ‘Eternal Flames’…


The top 10 news stories on our radar today.
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  1. Which Animal Has Ultrasonic Hearing?

    “Researchers have discovered that the greater wax moth is capable of sensing sound frequencies of up to 300 kHz — the highest recorded frequency sensitivity of any animal in the natural world.” Science Daily


  2. Geologists Study Mystery Of ‘Eternal Flames’

    “‘Eternal flames’ fueled by hydrocarbon gas could shine a light on the presence of natural gas in underground rock layers and conditions that let it seep to the surface.” EurekAlert


  3. Seafood Diet Killing Arctic Foxes in Russia

    “An isolated population of Arctic foxes that dines only on marine animals seems to be slowly succumbing to mercury poisoning.” Nature


  4. Tiger Moms’ Raise Sad Kids

    “The first major study of tiger moms is out. The kids have worse grades, and they are more depressed and more alienated from their parents.” Slate


  5. Video: Meteor Spotted Across Night Sky

    “There have been reports from around England and Wales of a large meteor flashing across the night sky. Witnesses described a blue or green light
    with a tail.”  BBC


  6. Why Do Fireflies Glow?

    “Wouldn’t it be cool if we humans could flash light from our bellies to attract a mate? Imagine the bar scene alone. But we digress.”
    Mother Nature Network


  7. Last Effort to Find Nazi War Criminals

    “The Nazi war criminals still alive today are very old men. But efforts to bring them to justice remain in play.” National Geographic


  8. Keystone XL Pipeline Tradeoff Is Suggested

    “Should President Obama approve the 1,700-mile Keystone XL pipeline, some foes of the project say he ought to address climate policy at the
    same time.” New York Times


  9. Parrot Genome Sequenced

    “In a groundbreaking move that provides new insight into avian evolution, biology and conservation, researchers have successfully sequenced the complete genome of a Scarlet macaw for the first time.” Science Daily


  10. Macro Eye Photos Zoom in on Nature’s Complexity

    “For years Suren Manvelyan has been making extreme macro photos of both human and animal eyes, and he’s just released a new batch of purely animal eyes that are equally stunning.” Wired

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    May 9, 2013, 4:30 pm

    i hate this website the kids national geographic is way better than this what is going on this should be more like the kids website like you guys should ask our age and then show us something we might be interested in thanks bye