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Dreams of the World: Mario Delgado (Havana)

Mario Delgado Sotomayor (Havana, Cuba). © KIKE CALVO
Mario Delgado Sotomayor (Havana, Cuba). Rapper. © KIKE CALVO

 This post is the latest in the series Dreams of the World, which profiles interesting people we meet during our travels.

My dream is… to travel to New York City to meet all the great American rappers. To be able to sing a song together with all of them, promoting peace around the world. Mario Delgado Sotomayor, 36, was born in Lawton (Havana). After his mother died when he was 17, he lost his path in life. Today, after spending time in a Cuban prison, is now a member of the Muraleando project in Havana. He defines himself as a new person. Delgado devotes his time to helping younger generations to appreciate life and express their fears and hopes through their chanted rhyming lyrics.


  1. Armandito
    November 25, 2014, 12:34 am

    Q bola asere ,como tu estas mi hermano,todo tranquilo aquí en esta lejana tierra en el otro lado del mundo.estoy trabajando manejando un camión gigante en las minas de oro aquí en el sur de Australia .emily esta a punto de parir tiene 8 meses.ya tu sabes una familia te lo cambia la vida.everything id good over here ,working hard and making my future better for myself and my new baby.i miss Cuba a lot ,the streets full of people and everyone happy .australia is a beautiful country but very very hot .i hope one day you complete your dreams.