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Top 10 Headlines Today: Meteor Shower Today, Nazi Diary Discovered…


The top 10 news stories on our radar today.
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  1. Rare Meteor Shower Peaks This Week

    Skywatchers this morning may have witnessed “the peak of a meteor shower not seen since 1930.” National Geographic


  2. Long-Lost Nazi Diary Discovered

    “US officials are preparing to unveil 400 pages salvaged from the long-vanished diary of Alfred Rosenberg, a Nazi minister who played a crucial part in Hitler’s extermination of Jews and other minorities during the Second World War.” The Telegraph


  3. How Removing Trees Can Kill You

    “Having fewer trees around may be bad for your health. Their findings, published recently in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, suggest an associative rather than a direct, causal link between the death of trees and the death of humans.” PBS


  4. 1,000 Endangered Animals Seized in Thailand

    “Bangkok police yesterday morning cracked down on an alleged wildlife trade source in Bangkok’s Khlong Sam Wa district and seized hundreds of wild birds and animals,” including 14 white lions. Asia One


  5. Most Lightweight Galaxy Ever Found

    “The least massive galaxy in the known universe has been measured by UC Irvine scientists, clocking in at just 1,000 or so stars with a bit of dark matter holding them together.” Phys.Org


  6. Academics Opt to be Cryogenically Preserved

    Two Oxford professors “have agreed to pay an American company to detach and deep freeze their heads in the advent of their deaths…[so they can be] brought  back to life in the future.” The Independent


  7. Video: Sick Tiger Treated with Acupuncture

    “A tiger at a zoo in Israel received acupuncture to treat a chronic ear infection.” NBC


  8. Celebrity Astronaut Chris Hadfield to Retire

    “A Canadian astronaut who captivated the world with his photos and videos on social media from the International Space Station (ISS) is retiring.” BBC


  9. Monster Mosquitoes Emerge in Florida

    Huge mosquitos have arrived in Florida, “weighing up to 20 times the size of a typical mosquito and even more aggressive.” Time


  10. Canada & the United States: Bizarre Borders

    In this video installment of “Bizarre Borders,” we take a look at the unique history behind the line between America and Canada. Actually fascinating, I promise. YouTube via Reddit

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