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Top 10 Headlines Today: Roman God’s Head Found in Garbage Pit, Lock-Picking Cockatoos…


The top 10 news stories on our radar today.
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  1. Mysterious Radio Bursts in Far Parts of Universe Hint at Cataclysm

    “Strange bursts of radio waves from billions of light-years across the universe have puzzled astronomers for more than half a decade, making them question if the signal was even real.” Los Angeles Times 

  2. Ancient Carving of Roman God Found in Garbage Pit

    “An 1,800-year-old stone carving of what may be the head of a Roman god was recently found in an ancient garbage dump.” Live Science

  3. Cockatoos Crack Lock-Picking Puzzle

    “Cockatoos can pick their way through a series of locks to reach a reward, scientists have found.” BBC

  4. The Physics Behind Waterslides

    “A lot of science goes into providing a safe trip down.” National Geographic

  5. Whales Flee From Military Sonar, Study Shows

    “Studies are missing link in puzzle that has connected naval exercises to unusual mass strandings of whales and dolphins.” The Guardian

  6. The Last of the Mohicans Probably Still Living, Say Researchers

    “A new study has hinted that the remains of Native Americans share a direct genetic link with their living descendants. The link has been found in mitochondrial DNA.” French Tribune

  7. World’s Biggest Offshore Wind Farm Opens

    Comprised of 175 turbines and covering nearly 40 square miles, the wind farm—constructed in the Thames Estuary—is capable of powering 500,000 home a year. The Telegraph

  8. Why You Can’t Name New Moons and Planets Anything You Want

    “A dispute over the names of two new moons of Pluto is highlighting a broader battle over who names what in our solar system and beyond.” NPR

  9. How Simple Can Life Get? It’s Complicated

    “Scientists have long wondered how much further life can be stripped down and still remain alive. Is there a genetic essence of life? The answer seems to be that the true essence of life is not some handful of genes, but coexistance.” New York Times

  10. Self-Siphoning Beads: Explaining Physics With Slow Motion

    “These beads seem to levitate, defy gravity, and jump out of the beaker. But how and why do they act like this?” Youtube
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