What Do You Want Your Ocean to Look Like?

The Waitt Institute has a new mission: empower communities to restore their oceans.

This film provides a sneak peak into what that work looks like as we endeavor to preserve livelihoods and cultures by sustainably managing ocean resources. It’s a vignette of one island’s commitment to finding solutions. This installment features the community-driven mapping work of SeaSketch, an ocean summer camp for local kids, policy work with the Barbuda Council, and local divers learning to do conch monitoring surveys. With a soundtrack by the Barbuda primary school’s steel drum band, this film by Daryn Deluco shows our collaboration with the community and government of Barbuda, a model we plan to adapt and replicate with other communities around the Caribbean.

You can check out our 1st video about Barbuda Blue Halo, and follow our progress via Facebook and Twitter @BarbudaBlueHalo.