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Fly Baja and See Why Baja

Escape the polar vortex with this new 7-minute video, and see why LightHawk flew a 10-day aerial photography expedition over Baja California.

Flying in partnership with Ralph Lee Hopkins, International League of Conservation Photographers, and WiLDCOAST, LightHawk donated this 10-day series of flights, which crisscrossed the length of the Baja Peninsula from Cabo San Lucas to Tijuana.

“The reason I’m working so hard in Baja California making these images is because I love Baja California,” says National Geographic photographer Ralph Lee Hopkins. “It’s one of the amazing places that I’ve been to.”

The collection of aerial images from the expedition is being made available to conservation groups and local communities working to protect Baja’s wild landscapes, coastlines, and coral reefs. If you or someone you know would like use of this extensive library of aerial images to advance your conservation project, please contact photographer Ralph Lee Hopkins or the International League of Conservation Photographers.

Get the pilot’s perspective from Will Worthington in his blog posts from the expedition.


  1. Kathleen
    Punta Chivato,Baja,Ca, Sur
    January 30, 2014, 11:38 pm

    Such a beautiful film..I pray that you can use this to protect the Sea of Cortez..it is being raped by commercial over fishing. There will be nothing left..check out the Shrimp boats and the Seiners..raping all of the sea life in Baja California..tell that story. Plus, so many or most Indian sites being bulldozed..where is that history to help solve the cave painting questions and the long Indian history in the Californias?