Video: In Search of Wolverine

National Geographic Emerging Explorer Gregg Treinish founded Adventurers and Scientists for Conservation, a nonprofit organization connecting outdoor adventurers with scientists in need of data from the field.

On a recent journey he teamed up with outdoorsman and adventure leader Forrest McCarthy, artist and ecologist Rebecca Watters, and others to collect DNA samples from tracks and scat of wolverines and other animals as they cross-country skied across a remote region of Mongolia.

Forrest created the video above which tells the story. Rebecca’s narration has a message for us all:

“We’ve come to understand that this place is wild, but not an uninhabited wilderness. That its wildness is intimately connected to the culture which depends on this landscape and which values it in all its ferocity and harshness. And that we too are part of cultures, scientific, outdoor, or both, that depend on wildness.”

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Photo Gallery: Searching for the Wolverines of Mongolia