Adventure Science: There Could Be Bison Outside My Tent

Emily Stifler Wolfe of Adventurers and Scientists for Conservation is working with Gregg Treinish and many others to bring us stories from around the world. In this video, she interviews an outgoing member of ASC’s June Landmark crew, Teri Ness.

Landmark crews live and work on Montana’s northern Great Plains for months at a time, collecting wildlife data on the American Prairie Reserve management team. They see mind-blowing sunsets, rattlesnakes, mule deer, elk and badgers, and sometimes, they wake up with a bison outside of their tents.

ASC is recruiting for the fall Landmark crews now, with openings available from September through December.

Bison on American Prairie Reserve
Bison on American Prairie Reserve (photo by Mike Quist Kautz)

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