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New Holiday Drone Show: 4 Billion Color Combinations will Light Up the Sky

The latest in the Drones and Small Unmanned Aerial Systems Special Series, in which Kike profiles interesting information, research and thoughts on using drones, UAVs and remotely piloted vehicles for journalism and photography.

Intel and Walt Disney Parks and Resorts announced yesterday they are collaborating on a spectacular new holiday experience that premieres on November 20 at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. Using all-new Intel Shooting Star drones, the “Starbright Holidays” show will paint colorful images across the sky during the holiday season. This will be the first time a drone show of this scale has been performed in the U.S.

Photo © Intel Corporation
Photo © Intel Corporation

“We are excited to work with Walt Disney Imagineering to bring a fresh and innovative approach to its world-renowned light shows,” said senior vice president and general manager of Intel’s New Technology Group, Josh Walden. “Together, we worked to tackle a new frontier in entertainment, picturing the sky as our canvas and flying lights as ink.”

Photo: Intel Corporation
Photo: Intel Corporation

Overhead an aerial ballet of holiday-themed animations will sparkle in the night sky using Intel Shooting Star drones. The performance will be accompanied by a specially orchestrated score of seasonal classics.

Photo: Intel Corporation
Photo: Intel Corporation


When combining the cutting-edge technology from Intel and the limitless creativity from Disney, the two companies were able to rethink what’s possible and create an amazing new entertainment experience.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with Intel on this exciting entertainment experience,” said Jon Snoddy, Walt Disney Imagineering Research & Development Studio Executive. “By combining our technological capabilities, we will be able to light up the sky this holiday season.”

Photo © Intel Corporation
Photo © Intel Corporation


Did you know? Fun facts:

• The Intel Shooting Star drone features built-in LED lights that can create over 4 billion color combinations in the sky.
• The drones can fly for up to 20 minutes.
• The show will feature 300 drones in each performance.
• The drones are splash-proof and can fly in light rain.
• Teach drone weighs only 280 grams (0.617 pounds) – less than the weight of a volleyball.
• All 300 drones can be controlled by one computer and one drone pilot. However, there is always a second pilot on hand as backup.

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