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Andrés Cruz is 21 years old, and from the Galapagos Islands. A student of Environmental Communication at the Universidad San Francisco in Quito, he is an amateur nature and sports photographer. Before being a volunteer at the Charles Darwin Research Station in Galapagos he was part of a community support program in Oahu, Hawaii with Surfing the Nations.

Endemic volunteer: My experience at the Galapagos Charles Darwin Research Station

The tropical heat of a sunny day in “The Enchanted Islands” fell upon the grey costume I was wearing. With blurry vision from the inside of my strange attire, I was watching how the visitors enjoyed, laughed, asked questions, and took photos of me. Children were terrified and cried as they were chased by a “shark”. However, when I took off the mask … bright smiles returned to their faces and made me smile too. “Happy Oceans Day”, I shouted. I had many unique days like this as a volunteer at Charles Darwin Research Station (CDRS).