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Dr. Andrew Short is an assistant professor of
 Ecology & Evolutionary Biology at the University of Kansas. An entomologist by training, Short uses aquatic insects to study patterns of freshwater biodiversity in South America to inform both science and conservation. A veteran of more than two-dozen scientific expeditions, he has described more than 125 new species to science.

A Muddy Detour on the Road to Guyana’s Rupununi Savannah

After getting stuck in the mud, the biodiversity survey of Guyana’s Southern Rupununi is underway.

A Dream Team of International Scientists Explore Uncharted Wilderness in Guyana

Our “Biological SWAT team” has just assembled in the Southern Rupununi savannahs of Guyana to conduct a 3-week biodiversity survey.

Inside a Scientific SWAT Team: On the Front Lines of Biodiversity Discovery & Conservation

An team of veteran field biologists are dropped into an unexplored jungle to learn its secrets, and have just a few weeks to do it.

Beetle-Mania! And a Field Season Farewell

After a successful expedition that notched over a dozen new species, the team wraps up is work on Tafelberg.

New Plant and Insect Species Found in Tepui Paradise

Each day on Tafelberg, the team is encountering new and little known species of plants and animals.

Tiptoeing Across a Raging River (On the Edge of a 600-Foot Drop)

The Tafelberg team moves camp through several dangerous waterways to the interior of the tepui to continue their exploration.

Trail Blazing Right Up to a Waterfall’s Edge

The biological inventory of Tafelberg gets underway as we open the trail system on the summit.

Hitching a Ride on a Helicopter to Tafelberg

The team finally summits Tafelberg, one of Suriname’s table mountains, by getting a lift from a helicopter.

Trading Canoe Paddles for Helicopters: Travel for the Modern Explorer

Expedition planning has changed considerably since the first survey of Tafelberg in 1944.

Returning to the Landscape of Arthur Conan Doyle’s “The Lost World”

Our expedition to an ancient table mountain in Suriname has started as the expedition team gathers in Paramaribo.

Documenting Biodiversity in Suriname, One Stream at a Time

An expedition in search of aquatic biodiversity in the heart of the Central Suriname Nature Reserve, one of the most unspoiled tropical forests in the world, is about to get underway.