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Chandra Brown

of Freeflow Institute

Chandra Brown is an Alaska-born writer, Grand Canyon river guide, and educator. She is currently based in Missoula, Montana where she teaches Spanish and shares adventures with her canine companion, Arlo. Chandra has worked within the realm of river conservation and communication since her 2010 Fulbright grant to Ecuador. She founded the Freeflow Institute in 2016 and is dedicated to the fusion of creative and natural narrative in the name of thoughtful preservation of wild spaces.

A Displaced Spirit: The Uncertain Future of Africa’s Greatest River

When the Bujagali dam was erected on Uganda’s White Nile in 2011, the World Bank hired local witch doctors to relocate the river’s spirit gods. The deities that dwell in the Nile’s massive rapids were moved to cataracts on different, unaffected stretches of the river. This struck me as remarkable: the entity responsible for funding construction of the colossal Bujagali dam was also responsible for appeasing and relocating displaced river spirits.