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Carrie Seltzer

Carrie Seltzer joined National Geographic in 2014 to work on biodiversity-related citizen science projects. She has a Ph.D. in ecology from the University of Illinois at Chicago.

BioBlitz Recognized as Integral to Cutting Edge Action-Oriented Inquiry-Based Social Studies Teaching and Learning

Can humans reverse the negative effects they have had on the environment? This was the compelling question that close to 250 public high school students and their teachers asked as they conducted a BioBlitz in the two ahupua‘a (Hawaiian land divisions) surrounding their school last spring.

Citizen scientists give NPS 100,000+ biodiversity records for 100th birthday

Today, the U.S. National Park Service turns 100 years old. The National Park Service has been celebrating all year by organizing over 100 BioBlitzes to document the species living in our national parks, recreation areas, monuments, and historic sites. In addition to the BioBlitzes, NPS has been working with iNaturalist to keep track of biodiversity…

Here’s What 40,000 Photos of Wildlife Looks Like

People all around the world submitted nearly 40,000 observations of plants, animals, and fungi to create a global snapshot of biodiversity last month, as part of National Geographic’s Great Nature Project.

From Snapshot to Science: Photos of Biodiversity as Useful Records

When was the last time you took a photo of an interesting insect or flower? Did you do anything with that photo? Sharing your photos can be about more than photography — it’s about what those photos represent. For many kinds of organisms, photos with clear documentation about where and when they were taken are…