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Carolina Torres Trueba

of Island Conservation

Carolina Torres is an attorney at law, working in the environmental law field in Ecuador for more than eight years. She was a member of the Assembly of the Ecuadorian Center for Environmental Law (CEDA) and the International Trans-disciplinary Academy of Environment (ATINA). In the conservation field, she was the lead attorney of the Galápagos National Park Directorate (GNPD). Currently, she is the legal and administrative specialist for Island Conservation in Floreana Restoration Project.

Tequila sunrise, or Floreana sunrise, a story of hope for humanity

Imagine yourself, at the break of dawn, sitting at the highest point of othe Galápagos Archipelago, one of the most remote inhabited group of islands in the world. Very few people will have in their lifetime the opportunity to see and feel nature as alive as I did one day while sitting on the edge…