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Diana Valeria Flores Tabango

of Charles Darwin Foundation

Diana Valeria Flores Tabango, a BsC graduate in Biological Sciences, is a research assistant for the Charles Darwin Foundation botanical collection and herbarium. She is based at the Charles Darwin Research Station on Santa Cruz Island, Galapagos.

In 2011 Diana started as a volunteer at the CDF working in the field of marine biology, and in 2013 she became part of the staff of the CDF herbarium.

She graduated as a Biologist at the University Central of Ecuador in Galapagos. She investigated the germination rate and viability tests of the endemic cactus species from Plaza Sur (Opuntia echios var. echios), as part of the Charles Darwin Foundation´s project Galapagos Verde 2050, under the component of ecological restoration.

For more information about the work of CDF please visit: www.darwinfoundation.org

How endemic cactus helps restore ecological balance in the Galapagos

To the northeast of Santa Cruz Island within the Galapagos archipelago lies Plaza Sur, a small island made up of 13 hectares of land. It is the home to extraordinary fauna and flora, including the Opuntia echios var. echios species, most commonly known as the cactus (DPNG, 2014) (Jaramillo. et al 2017). The scenario in…