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Isabelle Rogerson

of Researcher in Primate Conservation

Imagine a white-haired six-year-old in an oversized lab coat, sleeves drooping onto the floor. This is an accurate picture of my early childhood. Now, I’m a budding conservationist with a passion for protecting wildlife whilst conserving the livelihoods of local farmers. I study human-primate conflict, looking for ways humans can learn to co-exist peacefully with other animals. This requires a diverse toolkit from various different disciplines, which is why I began studying English literature and Philosophy (BA), before moving on to Cognitive & Evolutionary Anthropology (MSc) at the University of Oxford. I am travelling between various national parks in Africa, from my previous location in Gorongosa National Park, Mozambique, to my current stop in Comoé National Park, Ivory Coast.

Baboons Behaving Badly

Lock your doors. And your windows. Don’t make eye contact. Keep your bread roll close to your chest, or it may get snatched…by a baboon. The situation in Gorongosa National Park is not this extreme. The baboons are generally a friendly nuisance, and for many, a tourist attraction. However, in other national parks the situation…