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Joe Guthrie

of National Wildlife Refuge Association


I'm a conservation biologist focusing on wildlife movements and corridors. My current project is the Florida Wildlife Corridor Expedition, a 70-day expedition from the Everglades Headwaters in Central Florida to the Alabama border. I'm joined in this expedition by two fellow explorers, Mallory Dimmitt and Carlton Ward, Jr.

Trek Crosses Largest Remaining Longleaf Pine Landscape

Daybreak in the Longleaf Pine Forest 14 March 2015: Morning light pouring into a longleaf pine forest finds filmmaker Jeff Reed dangling 25 feet off the ground, suspended in his tree-climbing harness, steadying the long range zoom lens on his RED Epic camera. A small missile darts from a silver dollar-sized hole in the trunk…

Biking Adds Miles, Perspective to 1000-mile Expedition

Four weeks into our trek we’ve covered a lot of ground, but there are many miles yet to go and much to see and explore.

Keeping True to the Nature Coast of Florida

Joe Guthrie paddles a kayak down one of the many creeks of the Chassahowitzka National Wildlife Refuge, a key protected area along the Nature Coast of Florida. “Chass” and its neighboring conservation properties support a very small and imperiled population of the Florida black bear. The expedition team reached the area at the beginning the…

2015 Expedition Launches in Everglades Headwaters

We are poised at the brink of the 2015 Florida Wildlife Corridor Expedition, beginning in the northern reaches of the Everglades Headwaters, on the banks of Lake Hatchineha in Polk County, Florida.