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Dr. Jose Marin Jarrin is an Ecuadorian fish and crustacean ecologist who obtained a PhD in Fisheries science at Oregon State University. Jose arrived at the Charles Darwin Foundation (CDF) in May 2016 from Guayaquil, Ecuador, as a Senior Fisheries Ecologist, with the focus on studying several commercially important fish species, the impact of El Niño events on artisanal fisheries catch, and the role of mangroves for juvenile fishes in Galápagos. Dr. Marin Jarrin is now the interim scientific coordinator for CDF, and is working to develop the first fish age and growth laboratory on the Galapagos Islands.

Tackling the biggest challenge for conservation in Galapagos: legal small-scale fisheries

Small-scale or artisanal fisheries on the Galapagos are legal and impact over 60 species, several of them only found in the Archipelago and at risk of extinction. In particular, the fin-fish fishery shows clear signs of over-exploitation and tends to catch many unintended species.