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Katie Macqueen

Kathryn, also known as Katie, Macqueen is a self-proclaimed mermaid, writer, and advocate of the oceans. She was born and raised in Florida, and definitely prefers flip-flops to any other form of footwear. 

As a scuba diver and Level One certified FII freediver, you’ll find Kathryn anywhere in and around the water—from ocean clean-ups, to PADI Women’s Dive Day, to lionfish derbies and everything in between, her aim is to raise awareness about our oceans, an generate excitement for future generations of ocean preservation. 

Kathryn has worked in nearly every writing background, from technical documentation in the Aviation and Financial industries, to creative writing and marketing for technical start-ups and large retail stores. Her writing passions include all things ocean, education, and search engine optimization. 

For more of Kathryn’s work, view her website at www.thewritepeople.us

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Lionfish, a brightly-colored, spiny fish that are not native to Florida, are taking over our reefs. How can we fight off this alien invasion? Floridians have come together to fight them off and save the reef.