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Liza Gross


Liza Gross, a freelance science journalist and senior editor at PLOS Biology, channeled an early love of wildlife into a lifelong exploration of the natural world. She's written for diverse outlets, including Discover, Slate and The Washington Post, mostly about wildlife, conservation, and health. Her stories reflect a deep curiosity about the intersection between science and society with an eye toward reminding humans of our place in nature. She's a 2013 NYU Reporting Award recipient and Dennis Hunt health journalism fellow.

Rethinking Lion Conservation (Podcast)

When an American dentist killed a beloved African lion named Cecil last summer, the world responded with outrage. But for biologists, the issue is more complicated. African lions are in a downward spiral. And biologists have long seen trophy hunting as a vital tool to support conservation and help local people tolerate animals that kill…

For Bhutan, it Takes a Community to Save the Snow Leopard

The snow leopard, like most of the world’s big cats, survives by keeping a low profile. Yet its secretive nature and penchant for living among some of the steepest, remotest mountain ranges on the planet have not saved the cat from human intrusions throughout most of its range.

Pumas Trained to Run on Treadmill Help Explain Big Cat’s Ambush Strategy

From Liza Gross: The puma, the Western Hemisphere’s most widely distributed mammal, is rarely seen. But its stealth may explain how the cat manages the high-energy costs of its carnivore lifestyle, a new study based on teaching a puma to run on a treadmill shows. With video of mountain lion on treadmill.