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Lilly Sedaghat


Lilly Sedaghat is a Fulbright – National Geographic Storyteller documenting Taiwan’s waste management system and innovations in plastics and electronics recycling. She hopes to inspire conscious consumerism – the realization that every choice we make affects the environment - and spark a global discussion on trash with the #MyWasteMyWay.

Using visual art and digital media to promote environmental education, she aims to transform people’s perceptions of trash from something disposable to something valuable. Lilly received her B.A. in Political Economy from UC Berkeley and is an avid freestyle dancer.

Follow her journey on Facebook and Instagram @LillySedaghat.

Can You “See” Me Now? Making Trash Visible through the Arts

It’s an open secret. I love Taiwanese milk tea. For ten years, I’ve had the same large, iced, half-sugar, no boba milk tea in teahouses across California. I never really noticed what the milk tea came in—the plastic cup, plastic cover, plastic straw were all just part of the experience. Out of habit, I drank…

Diving In… to the World of Food Waste

The phone call came as a surprise. I didn’t expect anyone to have my phone number, let alone call me. It was my eighth day in Taiwan, sixth day with a SIM card, and second time at a Louisa Coffee. I didn’t even have my cell memorized – something with a 0935… 74? The order…