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Michael Jourdan

Since 2005, Michael has been a librarian at National Geographic.

The Great Emu Caper

An emu was stolen this week from a wildlife park near Sydney, Australia. Could this be the perfect crime?

Is Facebook Better Than Sex? Opinions Differ.

It’s a battle of the surveys, as one finds that Facebook and email are more irresistible than sex, while another asserts that sex offers far more happiness and pleasure than online pursuits.

Hanging in the Rainforest Not as Fun as It Used to Be? It Might Be a Midlife Crisis.

When people begin to worry about their mortality, they might fight the blues by buying a fancy sports car, having an affair, or even getting a toupee. But, what is a great ape to do?

The Eighth Habit of Highly Effective People? Avoiding Summer Birthdays

A new study finds that summer babies are less likely to become CEOs.

Innocent Until Proven Pretty

A study finds that beautiful women are more likely to be viewed as guilty in cases involving the murder of abusive partners.

Smokers Have More Friends…and They’ll Need Them

Despite years of anti-smoking campaigns featuring everything from catchy slogans to graphic photos of diseased lungs, public health officials have been unable to dispel the notion that lighting up is something the cool kids do.

Your Brain Has Been Hacked!

Using new headsets to operate video games and hands-free keyboards might leave you vulnerable to brain “hacking.”

The Hazards of Fly Sex

When house flies get busy, they run the risk of becoming a bat’s dinner.

It’s About Time: How Americans While Away the Hours

Have you ever wondered how your days stack up to those of the average American? Here’s your chance to find out. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has just released the American Time Use Survey, which looks at the amount of time per day people spend working, taking care of their kids, and letting off steam.

Apparently “Real Men” Don’t Eat Veggies Either

“Where’s the beef?” you ask. The answer seems to be both on a man’s plate and in his sense of self. A new study in the Journal of Consumer Research found that consumers link eating meat with their concept of masculinity.

Newsflash! People Like Talking About Themselves

Harvard scientists have determined that people really, really like talking about themselves. While that may not be breaking news, the reasons why might surprise you.

Bigger Is Better–Except When It Isn’t

In news certain to raise the insecurities of men everywhere, scientists have determined that size does, in fact, matter to females–at least among gorillas.

Why Tearjerkers Cheer Us up

As strange as it sounds, there may be nothing so good as a sad movie to lift your spirits.

“That’s not fair!” says the toddler. And she should know…

Spend enough time with children and you’re sure to hear them blurt out a tearful, “That’s not fair!” And, as it turns out, children develop a sense of fairness even before they can speak in complete sentences.

Selfishness? There’s an App for That

Do cellphones make people selfish? If you’ve ever had to shush a garrulous iPhone user in the seat next to you at the movie theater, the answer may seem obvious. And now, a new study confirms our phone fears.