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Mera McGrew

Mera is the founder and CEO of Soapply. She has conducted research internationally, worked for the Smithsonian Institution, multiple academic institutions, and was the past managing editor of Mission Blue. She is dedicated to the communication and dissemination of scientific information and is passionate about elevating public awareness about the social and environmental issues.

Global Handwashing Day: Reflecting on handwashing under the Ethiopian sun  

One hot afternoon last year, there was dancing and singing as a young girl named Nigisti stepped forward to wash her hands. Other students at the Abi Adi School in Trigray, Ethiopia stood in line behind her, grinning widely as they awaited their turn. As Nigisti scrubbed the soap between her fingers, the school’s principal…

Adorable Pygmy Chameleon Captured in Stunning Photos

See pictures of a rare pygmy chameleon spotted recently in Gorongosa National Park, Mozambique.