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Norina Carlos de Jesus Francisco Vicente is a Mozambican. She completed her secondary school education in 2013 at the Primary and Secondary School of Miniarte. She studied Ecotourism and Wildlife Management at Instituto Superior Politecnico de Manica. She discovered her passion for ants and plants while making photographs of wildlife. She works with ant and plants at the Edward O. Wilson Biodiversity Laboratory at Gorongosa National Park. 

Learning the Secrets of Ants and Plants in Mozambique’s Gorongosa National Park

Studying small animals is very challenging. More than 50 percent of organisms on Earth are insects (Grimaldi & Engel, 2005). Ants are important because they distribute nutrients in soil, and they are the cleaners and engineers of the ecosystem. This is why there is a need to understand insects, particularly ants and the plants that interact with them.

My research has to do with the interaction these organisms have with one another. With this research I intend to learn what kind of relationship there is between them, how important they are to each other, and finally correlate that with DAP (diameter from the breast), because sometimes the diameter of a tree as measured at breast height can determine the amount of species in that tree.