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Paola Bouley

of Gorongosa National Park, Mozambique


Paola is Associate Director of Lion Conservation in Gorongosa National Park's Conservation Department. Her team is dedicated to the recovery and conservation of lions and all large carnivores in the wilds of the Greater Gorongosa Ecosystem, Central Mozambique. She is a 2014-17 Big Cat Initiative Grantee.

VIDEO: Tiny lion cub has a message for the world

A few days ago we were greeted for the first time – most dramatically – by a 3.5 week old lion cub born to Gorongosa National Park’s “Sungue Pride.” Gorongosa’s wildlife is rebounding, lions too. National Geographic’s Big Cat Initiative has been instrumental in this recovery. In 2016 we established Lion Anti-Poaching Patrols and a Rapid-Response Veterinary Unit and since September not a single lion we’ve been monitoring has been caught in a poacher’s snare; This compared to 1/3 lions killed or maimed by snares in prior years. A new record. Keep roaring, baby!

Rapid-Response Unit Saves Lions

Rosa was a victim of the illegal bushmeat trade, a little know yet relentless and growing pressure facing lion populations across their range in Africa. This is our story of how we found her, removed a wire snag from her leg, and nursed her back to health.

Africa’s Imperiled Wild Lions Don’t Need Petting and Walking Operations – Os Ameaçados Leões Selvagens de África Não Precisam de Festinhas e Passeios

Attempts by “walking with lions” or “cub-petting” operators to establish new commercial ventures in Mozambique and Zambia under the guise of “lion conservation” should raise serious concern among our environmental and governmental leaders. Authors: Paola Bouley & Dr. Rui Branco – Projecto Leões da Gorongosa, Mozambique. www.Lions.Gorongosa.org;  Dr. Colleen Begg – Niassa Carnivore Project, Mozambique. www.Niassalion.org; Dr. Matthew…

Big Cats of Mozambique – the Comeback

GORONGOSA: Rebirth of Paradise premieres on Tuesday, Sept. 22 on PBS 8/7c Recovering from a civil war, one still reverberating through the heart of the Park, this is the story of the hopes and struggles of those fighting to secure one of Mozambique’s last-remaining wildernesses. It wasn’t too long ago that Central Mozambique was considered lost territory for the big…

No Lion Cub Left Behind – WildCam Gorongosa Launches!

  Lion cubs are photographed following closely behind their mother at night in #Gorongosa National Park.  Field cameras are strategically placed throughout the Park by the Gorongosa Lion Project to provide crucial tracking information for a historic recovery effort to restore the lion population.  You too can help us track and monitor the lion population (and a…

A Nossa Família Leonina – Our Lion Family

NEW LION CONSERVATION FILM FOR EDUCATORS– Projecto Leões da Gorongosa is proud to announce the release of a new educational film, free to wildlife and conservation educators across the globe.  Set in Gorongosa National Park in Central Mozambique, where a bold new effort is underway to recover a historic lion stronghold, the film narrated by Tonga Torcida one of our bright emerging…

VIDEO: Young Women Rising to Save Lions in Mozambique

Celina Dias and Domingas Aleixo – featured in the newly released film-short by the EO Wilson Biodiversity Foundation (EOWBF) – were both born and raised in Villa da Gorongosa, the largest village in the park’s surrounding buffer-zone. Recruited to Projecto Leões da Gorongosa in 2013, they represent the first women from Gorongosa to ever be employed on a Park science project and the first Mozambican women to work directly with lions in the wild, to study and conserve them.

Uncharted Territory for Gorongosa’s Lions

The Cheringoma Plateau on the eastern boundary of Gorongosa National Park is a stronghold of biodiversity and until recently largely unexplored, particularly for large carnivores. In April of 2013 Projecto Leões joined an expedition to document biodiversity on the Plateau. During the survey a team of 15 leading scientists yielded 1,200 species, of which 500 are…

Killing Sprees of a Mother Lioness

It was one of those eerily beautiful winter mornings in Central Mozambique. Smoke hung thick in the air from the seasonal fires that had begun raging across the land, and Bob Poole and I hopped into his land rover and headed in to Gorongosa National Park towards a signal that had just come in. Helena (a…