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Ceres is a sustainability nonprofit organization working with the most influential investors and companies to build leadership and drive solutions throughout the economy. Through powerful networks and advocacy, Ceres tackles the world’s biggest sustainability challenges, including climate change, water scarcity and pollution, and human rights abuses.

California’s Drought: Cheap Water, But No Free Lunch

Written by Sharlene Leurig: Today, President Obama visited California’s Central Valley, which may be in the midst of the driest winter in centuries. The President’s visit brings along with it federal disaster relief for farmers and communities on the verge of running dry. While the near term aid will be welcome relief to many, it…

Insatiable Thirst? The Fracking/Water Collision in South Texas

Fifty miles south of San Antonio on Route 181, signs of the hydraulic fracturing boom taking place in the Eagle Ford Basin are everywhere. New hotels are popping up. Trucks endlessly barrel down roads. Restaurants can’t find enough workers. And then there are the potted country roads lined with artificial ponds, water stations and miles…