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Dr. Patricia Jaramillo is a biologist who arrived in the Galapagos in 1996 with a scholarship. She later became part of the staff of the Charles Darwin Foundation (CDF), working in its Research Station. She is currently the leader of the "Galapagos Verde 2050" project and is the coordinator of the Collections of Natural History at CDF. She has written books and scientific articles on botany and conservation of threatened plants, for general and scientific audiences. She is also the creator of the first pollen and seed collections of Galapagos and Ecuador. She has received several awards and recognition from local and international institutions for her continued work for the conservation of these wonderful islands.

The Galapagos Islands, my home and living laboratory that inspires millions

Being a biologist and reading so many books on the origin of life, evolution and unique species, has so much meaning when choosing a place to live, and even more if this place becomes your home. For me, the Galapagos Islands were always only a dream, just like for millions of people worldwide.