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Sidney Shema

of National Geographic Explorer & Wildlife Photographer

Sidney Shema completes his BSc in Wildlife Management at the University of Nairobi (Kenya) in December 2017. He is a National Geographic Explorer studying birds of prey, with his current research being in an area along Kenya’s southern Rift Valley where the development of a number of wind farms has been proposed. He also works closely with The Peregrine Fund for his raptor research. Sidney has participated in and helped to coordinate various wildlife conservation activities including wildlife censuses, waterbird censuses and bird mapping expeditions. He is also a safari guide with a bronze badge from the Kenya Professional Safari Guides Association.

How scientists and developers can work together to prevent the mass extinction of life on Earth

The 6th mass extinction in the history of the Earth is underway — and it has been triggered by mankind! (eowilsonfoundation.org). Despite this horrific reality, all hope is not lost and there are still things we can do to stop it. Here is what a bird of prey researcher in Kenya believes is a vital part of halting this catastrophe.