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Timm Juul Jensen

of Aalborg University

My name is Timm Juul Jensen, an M.Sc. student at Aalborg University in Denmark. I am currently concluding my thesis focuses on exploitation of African snakes. My thesis will shine some much needed light on animal species often neglected, and three main focal points form the core of my research:  Trade for the international pet market, skin trade, and hunting for bushmeat. The latter is what led me to Cameroon. Quantifying the off-take of snakes for the bushmeat trade was the aim of the case study conducted in July 2017. The results from my thesis will form the basis for future projects aiming at African snakes and their environment while providing protein alternatives for local people.

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Large snakes are on the menu at Cameroon’s Nkoldongo bushmeat market

I was in Cameroon in Central Africa because of the snakes. I had traveled to Yaoundé, the political capital of Cameroon where 2,4 million people live. As part of my thesis work I had set out to quantify the amount of snakes being hunted for bushmeat, and what better way than to see how many are sold at bushmeat markets. Snakes, especially larger vipers and pythons, are important predators in an ecosystem, and are often found at the top of the food chain. I was interested to find out how many of them were being harvested for their meat, in order to estimate the hunting pressure on them.