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“African Cosmos” Tells Celestial Stories From Humanity’s Cradle

A new Smithsonian exhibit features artistic works from across the continent that touch on Africa’s cultural astronomy through the ages.

With NASA Bake Sale, Planetary Fundraisers Go Old School

On Saturday, planetary scientists around the country will be washing cars, shining shoes, and selling cookies to combat NASA budget cuts.

Yuri’s Night 2012: See What He Saw on First Spaceflight

Premiered last year for the 50th anniversary of human spaceflight, First Orbit offers a full-color HD version of what Gagarin saw in 1961.

New Starry Time-Lapse: A Tribute to Sky-Watchers

A new time-lapse video of the starry night is a “tribute to to all skygazers around the world” released for Global Astronomy Month.

Early Earth Turned Methane Haze On and Off?

Rocks from South Africa hint that our planet once had periods of thick organic haze akin to what exists today on Saturn’s biggest moon.

“Angry Birds Space” Q&A: Your Guide to the Angry Universe

Green pigs beware: Astronaut Ron Garan has given us a sneak peek at some astronomical facts we’ll need to conquer Angry Birds Space.

New Time-Lapse Gives Rare Glimpse at Atacama’s Starry Nights

It’s cold, it’s dry, the air is thin. The nearest city is miles away across a barren landscape of boulder-strewn hills. At night, the only lights to guide you are the stars in the sky. Astronomers, welcome to paradise.

New Video: Solar Flare Spied on Candy-Colored Sun

New NASA footage shows a long-lasting flare followed by an eruption of charged particles from the sun’s atmosphere aimed right at Earth.

Our Milky Way Galaxy Is as White as, Well, Milk

Seen from the outside, our home galaxy is “the color of fine-grain, new spring snow in the early morning or late evening,” astronomers say.

NASA’s Got “Space Balls”: A Holiday Package of Saturn and Its Moons

While we wait for official word on the nature of the Namibian “space ball,” NASA’s Cassini orbiter is highlighting some spacey spheres of its own: Saturn and its colorful moons.

Mysterious Christmas Day “Starburst” Explained?

Either a comet crash or a stellar merger could have caused an unusual gamma-ray burst spied last year on December 25, two new studies argue.

Blast From the Past: See NASA Video of a Monster Sun Eruption

Watch the sun send a massive cloud of charged particles hurtling toward Earth in newly released NASA footage.

Halloween Costumes: It Came From Outer Space!

Get inspired by five Halloween costume ideas based on some of the biggest space news stories—so far—of 2011.

Animated Slideshow: A “Celestial Reunion”

Got lost in pictures of celestial beauty paired with otherworldly volcanic landscapes on the French island of Réunion.