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Amazon Biodiversity Monitoring in Ducke Reserve

Monitoring of biodiversity is a challenge, but visiting Ducke reserve in the Amazon I am able to see one of the gold standards for long-term biodiversity research.

Wildlife on Islands of the Rio Negro

Touring through the Amazon I had the unique opportunity to spend a day visiting the small seasonally flooded islands of the Rio Negro. This dynamic landscape plays a huge role regulating local biodiversity.

Giving To Get: Reciprocity Among Mountain Lions

Please Note: This is the first of two blogs about a research paper published today in Science Advances providing the first evidence of complex social strategies in any solitary carnivore—and showing that mountain lions in particular are more social than previously thought. Part Two will chronicle how territorial males structure social interactions among mountain lions.…

Islands of the Amazon

The Amazon is not typically a place one thinks of as insular, but the Parque Nacional de Anavilhanas in Brazil has over 400 islands in the Rio Negro.

Life & Glaciers

  Life & Glaciers (Patagonia’s Untold Stories)   Its skin is splitting open down its back. Three pairs of lateral attachment points keep its streamlined body glued to the submerged rock. It will use the glacial raging torrent to its advantage. With the last air in its body, it inflates its thorax to free itself from…

Celebrating the Best of the Worst with the Wildlife Photo Fail Awards 2017

Shooting wildlife can be an exercise in patience and, too often, futility—long hours spent squatting in mosquito-riddled swamps, cowering in a small hide, or setting camera traps and waiting for an elusive creature to cooperate. All to freeze one single moment, when preparation, pre-visualization and chance coincide to produce an image that connects with an audience on a visceral level or offers a unique insight into our world.

Fall Color In-Depth: Maple Trees Offer New Answers to Diabetes, Alzheimer’s

In the 1992 film Medicine Man, biochemist Robert Campbell, played by actor Sean Connery, searches for new drugs in the Amazon’s vast rainforests. There Campbell finds a cure for cancer not in the rainforest’s rare flowers – which don’t have “juju,” or the power to heal – but in an indigenous ant species. All is looking…

Life at the Southern Limits of New Zealand

Rakiura / Stewart Island is the southern-most inhabited point of New Zealand. Here, islanders carve out an existence for themselves among the harsh but beautiful environment.

Do Mountain Lions Rival McDonald’s?

Stinky dead meat. Oddly, I’ve come to love the stench of it, even though it sometimes turns my stomach. It’s become a badge of honor and a symbol of what I do, hiking long days in search of prey killed by mountain lions. Sometimes the stink helps me locate the carcass, or the sounds of…

Sea Turtle “Washbacks” on Florida’s Coastline: What you can do to help

In the days following Hurricane Irma, Florida has slowly started the cleanup process. Roads are cleared off, electricity is slowly making its way back into households, and trees are trimmed up. However, for Florida wildlife, the cleanup process is a little more difficult… and the 2017 Hurricane Season isn’t over just yet. Irma’s Impact on Florida’s…

The Great East Coast Return To Abundance—Your Help Needed

Atlantic menhaden are making a return to abundance thanks to greater protection. But they need your help in order to remain a plentiful part of the ocean ecosystem.

Lessons Learned by High School Lake Ecology (HSLE) Leaders

Cecily Smith, senior at Grinnell College majoring in Sociology and Chinese with plans to pursue a career in education During high school, I took AP Environmental Science taught by a phenomenal teacher and loved everything I learned, which inspired me to study Environmental Science in college and pursue a career in conservation. When I applied…

The Birth of A Research Project: Desperately Seeking Dolphins

One of the questions I often get from students and lay people interested in dolphins, whales, and the oceans in general, is: “How do you come up with ideas for your research at sea?” Here is an excerpt from my latest book that can help answer this question… Dolphins may do amazing things or nothing…

Top 25 Wild Bird Photographs of the Week #102

Here we have the top 25 Wild Bird Photographs for this week. Photographing birds can be especially challenging and we commend all the photographers on their amazing work in capturing these beautiful creatures, keep it up! If you would like to be considered for next week’s Top 25 you can submit photographs on the Facebook page wall…

Save Our National Monuments

If Ryan Zinke, the secretary of interior, wants to emulate Theodore Roosevelt’s legacy, he should recommend leaving the national monuments as they are.